Bariatrics Surgery

Obesity is on the rise in Pakistan, and the pandemic has just made this problem worst. Weight loss is not simple and easy for everyone, so RIMS Trauma Hospital Karachi has devised a one-stop solution for regaining your health. When other options like diet control, exercise, and medicines to lose weight have failed or are anticipated to fail due to severe obesity, bariatric surgery is indicated. “Severe obesity is condition in which there is weight of almost 30 kgs above the ideal body weight (BMI more than 35)”.

Weight loss surgeries are collectively referred to as bariatric surgery. We have highly skilled bariatric surgeons of Pakistan who can help you lose those hard-to-lose pounds in a healthy way while also advising you on how to keep the weight off.

The RIMS Trauma Hospital wants to help you lose weight through a combination of weight loss surgery and ongoing assistance with professionals, all at an affordable cost with the intention to make this procedure within the reach of every stratum of society; not limited to rich people only.  With time, we hope to control these statistics in our country’s favour, resulting in a healthy Pakistan. RIMS Trauma Hospital offers a variety of bariatric weight loss operations. The cost of Bariatric (weight loss or obesity) surgery at RIMS Trauma hospital starts from 3 lac rupees, as compared to a range of 5-15 lacs for this procedure in other hospitals of Karachi/Pakistan. Our main aim is to make every citizen of Pakistan healthy.

Dr. Ghulam Murtaza