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It won’t be wrong to state that obesity is one of the most underrated health condition. Alarmingly, it was just in 2013, when American Medical Association (AMA) declared obesity as a disease. Consequently, development and progress started in this regard. By now, with enough awareness campaigns and advancements in the treating the condition, a considerable public awareness can be evidenced. However, awareness to the fact that obesity is a disease does not help much to eradicate it. Obesity is multifactorial and multifaceted disease. There are a variety of contributing factors that cause not only obesity but put the patient on the risk of related morbidities as well. The most critical is the relationship of psychology and obesity.

The relationship

This relationship progresses in a feedback loop manner.  Once caught in the cycle, it becomes impossible for the patient to break it and move towards a healthy lifestyle. Studies indicate that 20% to 60% of people suffering from obesity especially severe conditions are also caught up with mental illnesses. In short, Obesity and mental health has a positive correlation. Let’s discover this relationship a bit more.

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