Low-cost consultations and access to the latest medical services and treatments have made RIMS Trauma Hospital increasingly popular with the locals and patients from all over the nation. We take great satisfaction in responding to the city's crises, accidents, and tragedies with empathy, compassion, and the finest care. Everyone in need of medical attention is our top priority regardless of their need. No one is ever turned away from our hospital because of a lack of resources as we ensure to keep ourselves always ready for any situation.



Under one roof, with a full commitment to excellence that satisfies worldwide standards, rules, and quality systems, we make sure patients’ needs are met. RIMS Trauma Hospital receives hundreds of people each day who are in need of emergency treatment for themselves or a loved one they care about. In the center of Karachi’s bustling city, next to the Shahrah-e-Faisal, stands the RIMS Trauma Hospital

Our objective has always been to be able to treat as many patients as possible with the highest of standards in place. Our staff of exceptional consultants and surgeons are well-versed in all the procedures and always put their patients’ health over everything. From emergency cases to cosmetic procedures, we’ve got the best team for it all!

Throughout each and every day, the RIMS Trauma Hospital provides care to hundreds of patients who come in search of medical assistance for either themselves or a member of their family. We provide all of our services in one place for the ease and comfort of our patients, and we maintain a firm commitment to providing services of the highest possible quality in accordance with internationally accepted standards and guidelines.