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RIMS Trauma Hospital provides high quality, affordable healthcare to citizens We believe that everyone who needs medical care should be our first priority.


Emergency Cases

Our trauma hospital has an emergency staff available 24/7 for every type of case. We are fully equipped at all times for any kind of situation, visit our facility to receive immediate care. 

Online Laboratory

Book lab appointments and receive your results on our web portal for immediate testing services.

About Us

Low-cost consultations and access to the latest medical services and treatments have made the RIMS trauma hospital increasingly popular with the locals and patients from all over the nation. We take great satisfaction in responding to the city’s crises, accidents, and tragedies with empathy, compassion, and the finest care. Everyone in need of medical attention is our top priority regardless of their need. No one is ever turned away from our hospital because of a lack of resources as we ensure to keep ourselves always ready for any situation. 

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Bariatric surgery

Opt for a safe and secure way of losing weight if any other options haven’t worked out for you through bariatric surgery. Consult our professionals now for a more 

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Our team consists of highly professional dentists experienced in all kinds of cases for your complete oral care. Our dental surgery patients all have had the best reviews

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Cosmetic Surgery

Our experienced team of surgeons and consultants are experts in surgical and nonsurgical procedures to enhance or bring change to your bodily structures. We perform a variety of cosmetic surgical treatments

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Our Team

Go through our roster of exceptional physicians and surgeons that have made the best treatment accessible. They’re exceptionally experienced and provide 24/7 care to the patients. We also have a well-equipped trauma team in case of emergencies. Our facilities are open all the time for any kind of walk-in patient. We provide all of our services under one roof for the ease of our patients, and we are committed to providing services of the highest possible quality in accordance with standards and guidelines that are acknowledged on a global scale.


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